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    Gina Padayachee Discussion started by Gina Padayachee 4 years ago
    Indigenous trees are those native to and characteristic of a particular region or country.

    On average, indigenous plants provide more food, resting and nesting sites for birds, mammals and other animals that exotic or invasive alien plants.

    At first glance, Durban looks lush with tree and forest cover, however, not all these trees are indigenous.  Invasive alien plants have numerous impacts!  They can displace indigenous plants and animals, increase the loss of water from catchments, increase the severity of fires and expand the range of disease-causing organisms.

    Given the added competition resulting from invasive alien infestations, indigenous trees are under great threat :(  Sadly, some people are removing and destroying the already stressed and threatened indigenous trees!

    Attached is an image of 10 non-indigenous trees being removed from a golf course in Durban.
    Chanel Geldenhuys
    Chanel Geldenhuys Awesome thanks Gina! We will definitely focus on indigenous plants for this project! 4 years ago

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